About Me

Hi! I’m Laurence, the voice behind “The Thrift Escape”.

I guess you’re wondering about me, huh? I’m not really good at describing myself, but will give it a shot. 

Hmm, aside from chocolates/sweets, I also love travelling.
If you’ve read some of my blog, I always have it or buy some chocolates when I travel.

I started travelling when I had my first solo backpacking trip.

From then on, I started making my travel journal.
And just share it to few people who wanted to travel or do solo backpacking too.

Now, I have my own blog that I can share with everyone!!!! 

I like travelling, but don’t want to spend too much (yup! thrifty traveler here )

So when I go for a trip, I always make sure to do it on a budget, as much as possible.
And to attain this, I do some searching and look for some promo flights.

I know, there are some people like me, who wants to travel the world on a budget. Or just looking for some itineraries for a certain city/country.

So to pay it forward, I share my blog about my travel experiences with itineraries, tips and budgets.

Let’s connect! and Travel More!

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Say hello to me at [email protected]

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