Solo Backpacking in Europe: Venice – City of Water

The train to Venice was delayed for 30 minutes , so we arrived at Venezia Mestre at 5:10 instead of 4:40 pm.

The hostel is just 10min walk from Venezia Mestre.
Hmm, on my way to hostel, I found the street a little scary, LOL
because it is dark and there’s no one in the street.

When I finally found the hostel, I find it weird, haha…’cause it’s like, old hostel πŸ˜…

I left my luggage and went out to buy the Venezia day pass or their unlimited transportation for €20, in the store nearby.

And when I checked in to my room, I was the only one who was there, I’ve never felt so scared in my solo backpacking trip…LOL

Venice in One Day

So I just leave the lights on, and go to bed after I showered. But I can’t sleep, so I just read my eBook first.
The worst thing, it rains so hard. IΒ  just hope it will stop tomorrow morning…

But I can’t sleep, and went down to the lobby. WiFi is only accessible at the reception area. I asked the receptionist, if the card I bought is unlimited ride, and told me that I can used it on the bus and the waterbus..even going to Burano, I didn’t have a plan to go to Burano, but when he said that, I think I might add it if I have still time.

But when I woke up, it is still raining, and the weird thing is, my tissue I left in the bathroom, was gone? hmm, I remembered I left 2 pieces of tissues, for me to use it the next day, strange…or scary!!!!

So now I’m fully awake, even though it’s still dark outside, and the rain is still pouring 😞 I have no choice, I have to go 😊

So I walked to the bus stop and wait for it. They said I should ride the Bus 6 or 6L. After 20 minutes , I finally arrive at Venice (well, where the gondolas are)

I’m not really sure what waterbus that will take me to Rialto, because my card wasn’t I asked the counter, she told me just get inside, hmm, but my card is not working, and then I realized, that I’m on the wrong side,πŸ˜†…it should be on the all passengers side, I’m not sure what is the other entrance though..

So by now I realized, that I’ll be riding the water bus all day long, I’ll be just bus, and gondolas are expensive, I’ve read that it is €7, well it is, if you just buy one ticket…so it will be worth to buy the one day pass 😊

I went first to Rialto.


I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the scenery, it is beautiful but it’s just raining πŸ˜†

And it’s so hard to take a picture (that’s mainly the problem πŸ˜›). I’m struggling to hold my umbrella as well as to hold my camera.

Then, went to see the San Marco.
You will definitely see the Bridge of Sigh on your way to San Marco.

Bridge of Sigh

Venice in One Day - Piazza San Marco

Venice in One Day - Piazza San Marco

Saint Mark's Basilica

I decided to eat first, maybe the rain will stop. And, decided to go to Burano πŸ˜‹

Europe on a budget

2 weeks Itinerary in Europe

From San Marco, it will take an hour to go to Burano. I will have time to nap 😴

Thankfully, when the waterbus arrived in Burano, the rain already stopped.
Burano is just a small colorful village. It reminds me of the houses in Cinque Terre





After wandering around Burano, why not go to Murano.
But when I got there, I just saw the Murano glass, you can also see the making of Murano glass demo, I didn’t watch it though.


After sometime, I went back to Rialto, just to take a pic of it again. Before going back to hostel.




Since I still have time before my train to Paris. I decided to buy snacks at the nearest supermarket. I left the hostel, an hour earlier and just wait at the Venezia Mestre station for the sleeper train.


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