Blue Mountain: ride and got tired of snowboarding

Snowboarding is on my bucket list, and now I will be able to cross that in my list πŸ˜ƒ

We plan to go to Mount St. Louis mountain, but when we called, there’s no pants that we can rent, so we just opted to go to Blue Mountain.

It was a long weekend, and we decided not to stay there. So it will just be a day trip. We left the city by 9:20 am and arrived at 11:30 am. By the way, someone has a car and were grateful he drove us for more or less 4 hours (back and forth) πŸ˜„

Blue Mountain

When we arrived, the parking are so packed, good thing we find a spot.
And went to the information center to ask on where and what to do.

The place where we need to rent the equipment’s on the other side and we need to walk for about 10-15 minutes.
We found the place, and the queue, which is too long 😞
We were at the queue for 2 hours. We need to fill out some of the information on their iPad, then back to the queue again.

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

Blue Mountain Snowboarding
the line from outside, another 3 lines inside, haha

Because there are so many people, not all of the gears were available, like for the pants and goggles, or jackets. Lucky they found a pants, size extra small for women. For jackets, we just used what we have. And for goggles, there were two left,πŸ˜….

For the package, it includes the boots, snowboard, and lift.
We got all that we need after 2.5hours. We were so hungry and won’t be able to do anything unless we have something in our stomach 😜

Since it is already 3:00 pm, there were available seats in the food hall. But it was packed when we went like 12:00 pm.

After eating we went back to the other side, since there is the beginner’s slope. And start to join the lesson to snowboarding.

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

The trainer is good, and he let us do it one by one. But the lesson will lasts for 3 hours I think, and we’re running out of time. I think there is 3 stages for the snowboarding lesson. And we didn’t make it on the last stage, where we need to locked our 2 feet on the board,😊.

It was tiring but fun, and I had my fair share of epic fail for this one πŸ˜€
We weren’t able to experience the lift, because the only way to go back is by riding the snowboard, which will not be easy for beginners since the slope is too high. And no one is on the top of the hill (during winter), to assist you so you can ride the lift back.

If we didn’t avail the package, it will save as half of the price which is just C$48. The package is C$89 (excluding the rental gears).

Rental gears:
Pants: C$20
Jacket: C$20
Gloves: C$12
Goggles: C$12
Locker: C$7

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

I rented some pants and goggles. For our shoes, we just left them under the benches (as the other did). Well luckily our shoes were still there when we were finished.

We went home around, 7:30 am. Good thing we have extra shirt.

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

Blue Mountain Snowboarding

Time for snowboarding (but I should say epic fail on my 2 tries)Β 

Blue Mountain Snowboarding
So tired!

Before going, it will be good to have your own gears, but if you’ll be doing this just once, hmm, maybe think again πŸ˜ƒ Or just buy cheaper gears.
You will need, waterproof pants, jacket, gloves and goggles. For the package, usually boots and board are included . But again, you can always rent.
Another one is that, probably you won’t like to go there during long weekend. Even if it is, well everybody is having a long weekend too, so there will be a lot of people who will be doing the same thing 😁
You can pack your lunch, or just buy in their food hall.


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