Solo Backpacking: 14 Days Europe Itinerary and budget

My 2 weeks solo backpacking around Europe.
Europe was/is one of my dream place to travel, but I don’t want to spend too much money for it (budget traveler, LOL)

I told myself, I will try to spend C$2000…maximum will be C$2500.

Actually I don’t have confidence on it, if I can pull it off. So of course, I still have my credit and debit cards with me, just in case.

And fortunately, I was able to do both, to travel in Europe on a budget πŸ˜„
Again, it will still depends on what type of traveler you are. And I didn’t feel like I’m on a budget. I enjoyed every single thing of my trip πŸ˜„ though I won’t deny that it was an amazing race trip..😁

My backpack that almost killed my back..LOL
For a petite person like me, these (bags) will truly reminds me how hard it is to do a solo backpacking trip for 2 weeks, haha…but I’d say, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! πŸ˜€

2 weeks solo backpacking around Europe
I thought these would be the death of me,..LOL

Here’s the plot of my expenses and my actual itinerary.
My itinerary keeps on changing even I already got my visa πŸ˜…

14 Days Europe Itinerary and budget
14 Days Europe Itinerary and budget


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