Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips


  • Japan is a safe country for solo backpackers 😊
  • Plug/socket type, is the same with what we have.

  • I asked everyone. The Information center, the staff in convenience store, even the staff cleaning the temple for directions. I really don’t have a sense of direction. Even though there’s a language barrier, they really tried to help me 😊
  • Not a fan of Japanese food. Sometimes, I eat 2 pieces of sushi (but now, I can eat more than 2, haha). So I just go somewhere with rice bowls or pastries.
  • I love their breads and CHOCOLATES!…any chocolates, they were really goodπŸ˜‹
  • While planning my tour, my head hurts on their subway map because of multiple lines. But once you get there, it will be easy for you to navigate.
  • Dowloaded a cellphone app for Japanese phrase book, but I didn’t get a chance to use themπŸ˜…
  • I didn’t buy the JR pass cause I know, I won’t be able to maximize it, so I opt to reserved to overnight bus to go to Tokyo
  • Bought 2-Day Kansai Thru Pass, you can used this for 2 nonconsecutive days, it includes booklet and map, but Kansai Thru Pass is limited in terms of subway lines. You might want to research, before buying it. I was able to used this, going to Nara and Kyoto. I just needed to buy separate ticket toTsutenkaku and Osaka Castle, but the rest I used the Kansai Thru Pass.
  • In Kyoto, you can visit all/most of the tourist spots, using the Β₯500 Kyoto Tour Bus. Unlimited ride for 1 day. Just ask a map (with corresponding bus#) at the information center in Kyoto station.

Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips

  • Going to Fushimi Inari Shrine, is a different route. So you need to buy ticket to train station.
  • Sleeping in capsule hotel is a good experience. I felt like I’m android of dragon ball z, LOL
  • Coin lockers are easy to find, if you want to leave your luggage… and it comes with different sizes, from small to x-large.

Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips

  • Lawson and Family Mart are the popular convenience stores in Japan (for a quick snacks)
    Willer Bus is a cheaper way to go to Tokyo. An overnight bus that will take 7-8 hours from Osaka-Tokyo or travel through Shinkansen (Bullet Train) that will only take 2 hours to Tokyo.
  • There are different types of transportation/tickets in Tokyo.
  • Autumn season: I just do the layering. It’s really cold in the morning and night…you can buy hot pad in convenience store too.
  • I bought yen before my trip, as I’ve read that it will be hard to look for ForEx in some place
    If you will stay in dormitory, make sure to have ear plugs. Chances are 1 or 2 roommates will snore.
  • You will have your own locker, just bring your own padlocks, or you can rent one.
    Most of their toilets have bidets…love it! πŸ™‚

Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips

Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips

Jorudan site:
Kansai Thru Pass:
Willer Bus:
Kyoto Transport:
Tokyo Transportation:

J-Hoppers (Osaka):
9hours (Kyoto):
Sakura Hostel (Tokyo):

and some japan blogs/forums

Expenses: I post it hereΒ  Japan: the Plan (estimated budget, fortunately it was the actual expenses )

17 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in Japan Travel Tips

  1. Japan looks like a good place to visit, I have never been but it is definitely on my bucket list!, I like how you bullet pointed your post it makes it far easier to read for me.

  2. I too do not have a sense of direction. However, unlike me you you did not allow that to thwart your sense of adventure as you traipsed through japan. I also like your spirit of enterprise as you asked locals for directions. I know you did enjoy your travels.


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