Solo Backpacking in Japan: the Plan

It was a plan last year, to go out of the country as a solo backpacker, but I’m not yet decided if I will pursue this…I’m so scared, haha.

It’s for my birthday. After 3 years, I decided again to travel alone (Sagada was the first ).
There’s so information I need to read. I had headaches ’cause of information overload.

After 2 months, of planning. Here I come…


Solo backpacking in Japan

*I didn’t include Universal Studios Japan, Disney Land and Disney Sea…I know it is the happiest place in Tokyo, hmm, maybe next time with a group…

Solo backpacking in Japan


Overnight Bus (Willer Bus)

  • Reserved and paid thru their online website using credit card, good thing they have discounted price for autumn season 🙂 . Route: Kyoto – Tokyo then Tokyo – Osaka



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