Solo Backpacking in NYC: HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel. This place is good, for backpackers, and those who are just looking for a place to sleep, after a tiring day 😊

I find the place funky πŸ˜„.

There’s the reception, entertainment room, kitchen, laundry room and dining room. There’s washroom in every floor.

HI New York Hostel

My room is a dormitory type, 8 females for 8 bunk beds, not bad. They provide towels, new linen, outlet and lockers. You just need to bring your own locks 😊

I paid $111 for 2 nights. I have my reservation, as early as 2 months prior to my preferred dates, so its cheaper. They will charge $3 per night, for those who are non-member of the organization. So I paid $117 in total.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay here, as it is near the subway, and the place is clean πŸ˜„

HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel

HI New York Hostel

And of course, you can buy breakfast in the house 😊

HI New York Hostel
Bagel with cream cheese πŸ˜‹

8 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in NYC: HI New York Hostel

  1. Bagels with cream cheese is my favourite breakfast in New York. I love hostels in New York. Perfect place to sleep as I don’t spend much time in the room at all. As long as it has a locker that’s all that I care about.

  2. It looks like the hostel is comfy and clean and has lots of facilities that you need. It looks safe too which is most important.

  3. Beautiful! My girlfriend and I are looking for an interesting place to travel this summer and this might actually make the list. Sending to her now to see what she thinks πŸ™‚

  4. I have never given hostels a try. I rememebr I wanted to try capsule hotel while we used to live in Japan but thta never happened. This hostel looks really nice and clean, the location makes it even better to stay at.


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