Sagada: Own my own in Mountain Province’s Pride

So…Where do I start?

Solo backpacking. It didn’t occur to me that I will be doing this. I mean, what’s the fun in travelling alone. And what if I get lost? What if I missed my ride? There’s so many what ifs. But it’s quite a challenge, the feeling if you survived by yourself. And I think I should do it, while I’m young 😝

So yup, I will do this!

Hmm, but where?

Cebu, Boracay, Bohol? It seems ok, but there’s something missing. I want some adventures. (I know solo backpacking is an adventure already, haha!)

So I did some research, and was inspired by some ladies who did their solo backpacking up north. It didn’t cross my mind that I will choose the province, last year, someone asked me to go there too, but I said no. ‘Cause I don’t like trekking. LOL

So here I am, doing my reasearch about the Shangri-la town, SAGADA!

So what’s the plan?
First, budget should be less than ₱4,000.
Second, Adventure.
Third, private room. And,
Fourth, photo ops.

I spent 2 weeks of searching for information. Not to mention the enticing pictures taken in Sagada 😊. I also need to look for a group, to split the expenses. In case I can’t find anyone, I might choose just one cave to go to.

But, luckily, I found 2 sets of group, that will also go to Sagada on the  exact dates I planned. I found them in a forum, and they are also looking for some people too. We all have the same reason, which is, to split the travel package fee 😊

The Draft Itinerary:

Sagada on a budget

I called, George Guest House and Residential Lodge. Tita Mary of Residential Lodge answered. She told me that they still have available room for ₱250/night 😊

I’m all set. I packed my bag and went to Victory Liner Bus.
I didn’t catch the bus that leave at 11:00 pm. I just bought the ticket for the next bus that leaves 11:55 pm. I just hope to catch the bus to Sagada that leaves at 6:15 am.

When we finally arrived in Baguio, it’s exactly 6:00 am. I hitched a cab and told the driver to drop me to the Lizardo bus terminal. When I got there, I go straight to the counter to buy my ticket. But there’s no one at the counter. And the bus is about to leave. I went to the bus and asked the conductor, if I can hop on, ’cause there’s no one in the ticket booth. He let me in. Well, the conductor will give tickets for those who don’t have it yet. Good thing, I asked 😊.

I drink bonamine for dizziness. The road will be “S” and “U”.
I tried to nap at the bus, but I always bumped my side of the head at the window. Ouch!

We arrived in Sagada at 12:40 pm.
We needed to pay for environmental fee of ₱20.
The next thing I did, was to look for the Residential Lodge.

DAY 1 – Friday
I just left my backpack in my room and started to look for my group.
Apparently, my sim card broke. Now I don’t know how to contact them! Of all the days!
Well, at least, Sagada is not the big. I was able to find them. Well, I just had an instinct that they are the one I talked to last time. And since we talked about our meet up place, which is Saggas by 1:00 pm.
We had some yogurt first at Yoghurt House. I’m not a fan of yogurt, ’cause it’s really sour. So I wasn’t able to finish mine.

So here’s my group mates.
Group 1 – Laurence, ehem, yours truly
Group 2 – Em Em, Alet and Kyren
Group 3 – Lori and Ginboy
Group 4 – Ces and Joyce

Kuya Ben was our tour guide. We already contacted him while doing the itinerary. Kuya Garreth was the one who recommended him. We also consulted him regarding our itinerary if it will be possible.

It’s the start of our tour 😊
We went first to St. Mary’s Church. All the statues/pictures were covered in violet cloth, because of Lenten season.

 Solo Backpacking in Sagada - St. Mary's Church

 Solo Backpacking in Sagada - St. Mary's Church

Next the cemetery. Kuya Ben always have some stories for each spot.

 Solo Backpacking in Sagada - cemetery

Then, Echo Valley. We didn’t go down. ‘Cause it will consume time. And we need to be in the cave before it closed.

 Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Echo Valley


 Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Echo Valley

9 thoughts on “Sagada: Own my own in Mountain Province’s Pride

  1. This is a great post. going into an adventure is one of my favorite thing to do. I also like travelling alone it’s like a great getaway for me to unwind.

  2. I love looking at other people’s travel photos as they give me ideas for my own trips. The adventures you had with your team sounds like a lot of fun.


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