Solo Backpacking in New York City: The Preparation

So we have a long weekend, and where do I need to go, hmm…New York it is πŸ˜€

And because I’m still holding a Philippine passport, I need to apply for US visa, after 1 week from my application date, I received my US visa for 10 😊

For more information on US Visa application:

Because I’m residing in Toronto, I have an option to ride a Megabus for $59. The Bad news is, travel time will take 13 hours 😧. Fortunately, my friend found a promo in Porter airlines, for my return ticket, for $68 😊. Airport will be in EWR Newark, New Jersey, not that far in New York City.

So once I have my round-trip tickets, I need to reserve a room. I’m not into hotels, when I travel, I always choose hostels, it is cheaper and I just need a clean room, washroom and a bed to sleep on.

(Reserved room at HI New York Hostel)

And then, planned my itinerary.
Touring around in New York, you will need a map, especially in my case, because as I’ve said in some of my other posts, I don’t have any sense of direction, LOL.
So I downloaded an offline map, which is called HERE, and downloaded New York and New Jersey maps. This is very helpful, if you don’t want to be surprise when you get your phone billing statement using your data 😊

‘Cause I’m a budget traveler, I already have an estimate on this trip, and that is less than $400.

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oh yes! you can enjoy New York on a budget.

12 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in New York City: The Preparation

  1. This is great budget plan for New York trip! I think airplane ticket is great deal especially if the bus ride is more than 10 hours! Yikes! Which hotel are you staying? I’m curious, $117 with tax for 2 night in NYC sounds great deal! πŸ™‚ I love budget traveling!

  2. I think your idea of staying in a hostel is great. Why spend a lot on a hotel with a gazillion amenities you may not even use because you’d be out exploring most of the time.


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