How to apply for US Tourist Visa

How to apply for US tourist visa

How to apply for US Tourist Visa in Toronto.

I’m staying in Toronto, but I’m still a holder of Philippine passport, so I need to apply for US visa.

And also, New York is just an hour from Toronto (by plane), and I can’t wait to visit New York even just for a long weekend 😊, so why not πŸ˜ƒ

So I asked some friends on how to apply here in Toronto.
First things first, go to their site where you need to log your online application and set an appointment date.


Choose, D-160, Online Non-immigrant Visa application.
Follow the steps online.
From there you can set an appointment date, and fill out the online application form. You can always saved and continue later.

You will have an application number/code that you can enter on their site, to retrieve your application.

You will need a soft copy and hard copy of the required picture.
You need to upload one, and bring the hard copy on the day of your appointment.

At the end of your application, as I remember, you will have an option if you want it to be delivered or picked up on their nearest accredited courier.

You will need to pay the visa fee online, for about C$200.

And that’s it, then wait for your appointment date 😊

At the day of your appointment, try to be there early as you can, as there will be a long queue.

One more thing, they don’t allow cellphone or any gadgets inside the embassy, even food or water, there will be lockers for rent around the corner. So you need to leave them, just bring the requirements with you 😊

Even if you have a scheduled interview, it won’t be exactly on that time, cause again, there are others who came first, with most likely same time as yours. And the interview will not be short, there are times that the consular officer will ask more than 5 questions, especially if they are not that convinced that you’re just staying in US for a short time.

As for my case, it was short, they just asked, what will I do in US, where will I go, What is my occupation and what company. I also provided them my PR card. and that’s it 😊

On the spot, they will tell you if you’re approved or denied. They will return your passport and hand you a yellow/blue paper (I can’t remember). But if you’re approved, they won’t return your passport, and will give a white paper. And wait for their email, if it is ready for pick up/delivery.

For this application, I was granted multiple entry visa for 10 years πŸ˜ƒ yay!

Note: Not all countries are required to have a tourist visa. There’s called Visa waiver countries for 30-90days. For more information, go to this link (Visa waiver countries)

19 thoughts on “How to apply for US Tourist Visa

  1. The Visa process can be very overwhelming at times, so it is good to hear about another person’s experience and also to know that you got the visa. Have fun in NYC!

  2. This is a very long processes to get a visa but I hope it all goes well for you and you get to see new york. This post is very informative for those needing a USA visa from the Philippines. You know being from England I sometimes don’t appreciate how easy it is to get visas to countries considering the time and effort it takes for people from other countries to get one.

    1. For US Tourist Visa, you will know it from the interview itself, since they will get your passport for the visa. If not, they will return it to you and you will get a colored paper. It will take 5-7 business days for them to return the passport.


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