Solo Backpacking in Japan: Osaka – J-Hoppers Hostel

After planning, finally I’m in Japan!
My first solo backpacking out of the country…scary? maybe…exciting, of course!!!

Arrived at Kansai Airport. We need to shuttle in 2nd floor going to the immigration.
Then, ride the Rapid Service Train going to the hostel, but where’s the rapid service train?

Well, someone point me to the ticket office/section where I can find the rapid service train 😊


I bought 2 tickets. One is the Kansai 2-Day Thru pass and a ticket for rapid service going to Fukishima station.

Going to J-Hoppers Hostel, they provided the directions on how to go to their place, from kansai airport, it will take 70 minutes by Rapid Service train. And yup, I didn’t alight to the correct stop. So I need to ask again, ’cause I’m in the loop, and I don’t know what subway to ride. But I made it.

OK, Fukushima station…I followed the direction to J-hoppers hostel, but wait!
I went to the wrong way, and it’s getting chilly now. 😭
I went back to the station, and went to the other way, I still can’t see the hostel, but the grandma told me just go keep on walking. And there it is!

J-Hoppers Hostel

I emailed the hostel that I’ll be arriving late. SO they told me that they will email me the pass code to get in, and they key to the room will be at the reception desk.
The hard part, I need to carry my 15 kg luggage upstairs, they don’t have lift, just stairs.😱

I booked a female dormitory.
I had a chance to talk to someone (Jimmy), and chatted about his backpacking adventures.

J-Hoppers Hostel

Sleep time….

Next day…
I checked out and left my luggage at their storage area so I can start my Osaka itinerary.

10 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in Japan: Osaka – J-Hoppers Hostel

  1. I’m also almost always travelling solo – and Asia is a particularly chilled and safe region for a female solo traveller. Actually, I’m planning on going to Japan in September so I’m really curious reading about your adventures.

  2. Room looks nice. Japan is my favorite destination to explore. Happy to know that you finally reached there. waiting for your detailed experiences there. Enjoy.

  3. Congratulations, you made it to Japan! I admire the solo travelers, but I don’t have the courage to do it. Enjoy your trip in Osaka and in Japan generally/ Such a beautiful county!

  4. I never experienced the solo traveling and desperate to travel alone. Japan is one of the attractive place in visitors.


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