Where to go in Japan for Six Days: Kyoto Travel

Six Days in Japan

Kyoto. We left a little late, at 10:00 am…to Fushimi Inari (Go here for Fushimi Inari)

I feel blessed… LOL

We smelled something yummy when we finished exploring the Fushimi Inari.
And I can’t resist no to buy itΒ 


After Fushimi Inari, we went back to Kyoto Station to buy tickets to Arashiyama. Well, we passed the Saga-Arashiyama Station, the good thing, we saw the Saga Scenic Railway.


Kyoto Travel Blog

We transfer to another train to Saga-Arashiyama Station. But we got lost, again. We really can’t find the Nonomiya sign, for an hour. 😰

So, we just followed the other tourist (we think, they are going to Arashiyama too). Well after a long walk, here it is…the Bamboo Grove πŸ˜…




After that, we decided to cancel the Nara Park. Because it’s really late. We consumed too much time just looking for the bamboo grove. Go here for Nara Park)

We just rest and had our dinner at hostel, then took photos of Kyoto Station at night 😊

Kyoto Station
blurred πŸ˜…

And of course, choco bread for dessert.

Where to go in Japan for Six Days
choco bread

5 thoughts on “Where to go in Japan for Six Days: Kyoto Travel

  1. Oh wow- choco bread looks so good!! Actually- it all looks so good. Would love to see Bamboo groves- they looks so beautiful.

  2. I want choco bread for breakfast!! I so want to go to Japan and see these beautiful places. Kyoto is stunning and somewhere I want to visit!

  3. What a neat place! That bamboo grove is beautiful! Also, I should not have read this post while I was hungry because the food in the pictures looks and sounds delicious. Yum!


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