Where to go in Japan for Six Days: Hana Hostel

And the time has come 😊

Arrived at Kansai Airport at 9:30 pm, Japan time (our flight got delayed for an hour). Bought JR-West Rail Pass for Β₯2000 (Haruka Train), this is bound to Kyoto, cheaper than one way ticket to Kyoto, which is Β₯2890.

Unlimited ride for one day (indicated routes/map is on the card).

Hana Hostel

JR WEST Rail Pass

Actually, the help desk recommended this one, than buying the one way ticket. Good thing I asked, we saved some money πŸ˜€

We bought snacks at Lawson before going to Haruka train, which will depart at 10:30 pm.
We arrived at Kyoto Station after 70 minutes, yup on time. 😊
Need to find Hana Hostel so we can rest, as in now? πŸ˜‰

Our hostel (Hana Hostel Kyoto), is a 5-min walk from JR Kyoto Station.
Our room is a Triple Japanese, and I love Futon bed 😊

Hana Hostel
messy room πŸ˜‹

Hana Hostel

Hana Hostel
dining area
Hana Hostel
kitchen area
Hana Hostel
reception area
Hana Hostel
Hana Hostel
washlet πŸ˜€

A nice, clean rooms and staffs are very accommodating 😍

Time to explore Kyoto tomorrow.

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