Solo Backpacking in Japan: Tokyo

Solo Backpacking in Japan

I arrived at Tokyo Station, exactly 7:30 am.
It was so cold. I was shivering while walking from the bus stop to Tokyo Station.

I need to know where’s the Ginza line is.
But I can’t think, … so I asked someone in the station.

Going to Ginza line from Tokyo Station, need to board to Maranouchi Line, alight to Ginza Station, change to Ginza Line, then board to the train going to Asakusa station where the Sakura Hostel is located 😊

Ah OK, easy peasy πŸ˜›


Tokyo - Sensoji Temple

But unfortunately, it rained when I reached Sensoji Temple.
And I can’t find the hostel!
I can’t find the small bridge landmark that I got in their website.
I called the hostel, to ask again. But I they just said to go to the small bridge. I wanted to tell them, if they can pick me up at the temple. LOL

After roaming around the temple (while raining), Finally, I found the small bridge!

Since their check in time is around 2:00 pm. I took a shower and leave my things at the hostel. And ate breakfast too. Now I’m ready to go!

First stop, Imperial Palace.
I went back to Tokyo station. From there was a long walk to the garden.
Kinda disappointed, because I just saw the bridge. The Imperial garden was closed that time.

Tokyo station
Tokyo Station

Tokyo station

Imperial Place

Imperial Place

I’m starving and can’t find for something to eat.
So, I decided to go to Shibuya, maybe I can find something hot or rice bowl around.
But I need to see Hachiko first before lunch

I went to the Hachiko exit, but I can’t see the statue. And it was raining 😞
I looked around, one more time.

And there he is.
That’s why I can’t see him. Because of the people around the statue, taking photos.πŸ˜…



I’m really starving.
I found a local store, where I need to order, using their vending machine like tool 😊.



You need to insert the coin first. Then some of the items (food) will light up based on how much you inserted. You can only choose on the lighted items. Then you will get a small paper, that you will need to give to a waitress. Then I just sat and waited for my rice bowl.


and here is my spicy beef (I forgot the name of it, haha)…yummy, let’s eat! πŸ˜‹


After lunch, I just walked around Shibuya, then went to Harujuku.
Just one station from Shibuya.
I didn’t stay in Harujuku that long. Just wanted to see some anime and cosplay walking around the street

It was getting dark already so went to my last stop which is the Tokyo Tower.
At the subway exit, you will already see the Tokyo tower πŸ˜ƒ
I just needed to get closer, meaning walk and more walk πŸ˜….

And here it is!

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

There’s souvenir shop at the ground floor too.

I went back to the hostel, ’cause I’m really tired but looking forward to a good sleep (I haven’t slept for 3 nights. I always have trouble sleeping when traveling πŸ˜†)
I was able to talked to my roommates. I learned a new tradition from Emily, a British teacher living in japan for 3 years.

Wow! Because of her, we found out how to use the fortune/wish thing in Sensoji temple. So we (me and Aika) decided to go early as possible. This is so exciting! πŸ˜€

Solo Backpacking in Japan
Sensoji Temple (night)

Solo Backpacking in Japan - Sakura Hostel

Sakura Hostel

10 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in Japan: Tokyo

  1. Japan is a place that my husband and I really want to go. But thinking to go when it’s warmer, maybe for the sakura blossoms. I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Very interesting article, planning a solo trip to Japan next summer and this will definitely help, pinned your post for future reference, thanks for sharing!

  3. Tokyo was one of my favourite spots to visit. I went in January when it was pretty cold, but no snow where I was. I went to almost all the same places as you – although I didn’t see Hachiko when I was in Shabuya! Crazy, right? haha I kind of forgot…


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