Amazing Race in Singapore: 3 Day – Itinerary

3 Days in Singapore

We didn’t plan to go to Singapore, but because there’s a promo flight in Airphil, so we just grabbed the opportunity πŸ˜„ And since this will be our first international flight, we need to do more research. First, the tourist spots, accommodation, and passports.
We found a cheap transient in Tampines, which is far in the city, but it is closer to the airport. So that’s OK, and there’s MRT 😊.

We made our down payment for the accommodation, 1 month prior to our arrival date
Next budget, we plan to spent just β‚±10,000, maximum will be β‚±12,000…haha (luckily, we were able to pull this off) and of course, our itinerary.

We bought our USS ticket online, to avoid falling in line at the counter.

Well before our flight, something happened.
Nov. 16, was the day they scheduled to release my brother’s passport, but all of a sudden, they declared it a holiday. And now it will be released on the day of our flight. Crossed fingers.
I went to the DFA early in the morning, and asked if the passports for November 16, are already available, and they told me that it is not, and they may not be. They asked me if I could wait until 2:00 pm, to have some updates. So I wait, I just prayed, that it will be available by 2:00 pm, because, we may need to cancel our trip if it happens 😱.
So I waited until 2:00 pm, and thank GodπŸ˜‚. Because my brother’s passport was release on time. And now I need hurry and go to the airport, for our 4:40 pm flight. Go! go! go!
My sister and brother were already at the airport by the time I got there. Luckily, the immigration lane was so quick and we just needed to wait for the boarding time 😊
This is our first international flight πŸ˜‹ so, SINGAPORE, HERE WE COME!!!

Singapore 3-Day Budget Itinerary

We arrived at Changi airport around 8:00 pm
We got our luggage, and bought a sim so we can call the owner (Ms. Lhanie) of the house, but weird thing is, they said that it is a wrong number. So we decided to just take a taxi and go directly to the house.
Well, fortunately, we found the right room at the condo building.

The taxi is expensive, for just a 10 minutes ride, we paid S$12, good thing it is close to the airport, or else…

And time to rest πŸ˜ƒ

The next day we went to Red Museum and USS.


It’s our Last Day… time to wake up and time to walk again.
We ate first in Toast Box and decided to go first in Raffles for the Merlion, Marina Bay, Esplanade and fountain of wealth. Since the mall in Bugis is not yet open.

Singapore 3-Day Budget Itinerary

Singapore 3-Day Budget Itinerary - Merlion Park

Merlion Park.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the Suntec where the fountain of wealth is, because it was really hot, so we just went to the Orchard, for shopping πŸ˜€
Well, just my older sister who needs to buy something. And then after that, went to Bugis for some souvenirs and merlion chocolates.

We’re running late, and we need to go back to the condo around 5:00 pm, cause our flight will be around 8:00 pm. We returned the ez-link cards, and got our refunds.

Singapore 3-Day Budget Itinerary

We left the condo around 6:30 pm. After 10 minutes ride, We were already at Changi airport. And then time to go home.

We first noticed that in Singapore, the people are disciplined, especially in the MRT.
They let the passengers go out first before entering the car. Also note that left side is the ‘stationary’ lane and the right side is the ‘fast’ lane in escalators. And there’s no pollution I want more e no pollution, , no traffic and I also like the food here, it is just good 😊

Singapore 3-Day Budget Itinerary

And of course, you must try the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. This is HEAVEN.
Good thing, after a year, we found Ben and Jerry’s in Philippines.

12 thoughts on “Amazing Race in Singapore: 3 Day – Itinerary

  1. What an adventure! The Amazing Race is one of our favorite shows and we always talk about what we would do if we were racing. So much fun!

  2. AHHH these photos and this post make me want to book a trip there asap. If only it was realistic for me now. Great post and photos!


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