Surfing in La Union with PUGO Adventures in 2 Days

Birthday Escapade of my friend Aileen, and we thought of going to La Union. Our itinerary is not finalized yet, well, at least we already have a room to stay.

We didn’t make it on time. So Instead of leaving at 6:30 pm, we just bought the next bus (Partas Bus), which is 8:30 am.

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

We arrived at San Juan Surf Resort around 4:00 pm. Then we inquire for how much is their surfing rate. It was really sunny that time, so I said I will just surf at 5:00 pm. The rate was β‚±400.

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

Kuya Joel was my trainer.
First he gave me some orientation.
He showed me demo on how to surf. He will do it first, then I need to replicate it (to test if I’m listening, haha!)
Then, time for some surfing…

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

As expected, I fell multiple times. (First timer here πŸ˜‚)

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

Try and try until you succeed!
It was not perfect, but I did some progress.

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

I got some bruises after surfing. Worth the pain 😜

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

We ate a lot after that. And since it’s Aileen’s birthday, cake is mandatory (small size of sansrival). And to help us sleep, we also ordered a mojito and long island iced tea.😊

Aileen planned to surf the next morning.
But, there’s no waves. So we decided to take stroll and do some photo ops.

Surfing in La Union - San Juan Surf Resort

After breakfast, we visited the Aileen’s tita (thank you Tita Au), then went to the PUGO Adventure (PUGAD). Thanks to Kuya Marvin who gave us a ride to PUGAD 😊

La Union - PUGO Adventure

We availed a package that includes zipline, rappelling and wall climbing. I think we’re looking for some body ache πŸ˜‚

La Union - PUGO Adventure Rappelling

Rappelling. The wall is not that high, so we finished it quickly. But it’s not easy to balance when climbing the wall, and the humid weather didn’t really helped, and the rope were really hot (even with the gloves).

La Union - PUGO Adventure Wall Climbing

Wall climbing. This was really hard for me, ’cause I have a sweaty hands. So I keep on losing my grip to the stones while climbing.

Zip line, hmm, it’s OK. The line was not that long that I think it took 1-2mins to be on the other end..

Then the ATV. This was really funny, because of the dust, we had a hard time driving it, and the road was bumpy too, I almost fell!

La Union - PUGO Adventure ATV

When we passed the rocky road. We just play around the while the guide took photos of us.
We asked if there’s a road that has more shades, ’cause it was really hot.
But then the guide point that road, and we were like, “uhm, thanks”, LOL. (The road was a cliff and we still love our lives to risk it )

It’s time to go back to San Juan, ’cause Aileen needs to surf.
But they informed us that there’s no shuttle available and we need to wait for tricycle going to the main road. But, more people keeps piling in the area, waiting for the trike. So the PUGAD, called a mini bus truck to drop us off to San Juan.

We were late when we got to the surfing location. There’s a lot of people surfing and it’s getting dark. Still, Aileen was able to surf for 1hour.

We ate dinner and also met some friends while watching some event (The Bikini open). But I didn’t see a thing. πŸ˜‚


Before going home, Aileen’s Tita offered us a ride to visit the Thunderbird Resort, and it was beautiful. It’s the Santorini of La Union.

11 thoughts on “Surfing in La Union with PUGO Adventures in 2 Days

  1. looks like an amazing time surfing… I’ve boogie boarded before but never surfed, maybe some day! Happy you had so much fun and got to recover with that fantastic food, yum! ATV, now I’ve done that, so I know how much fun it is ; )
    sounds like a perfect adventure!


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