A Day Trip in Nagsasa, Anawangin, Pundaquit Zambales

Day trip in Nagsasa Zambales

We were contemplating if we will do these overnight or just day trip. I drafted two itineraries and consulted my friends. So from that, we decided to do it as a day trip.

Time for more research.
I search for the common names/guide for this trip.

We contacted Kuya Cris. He gave us a quote of β‚±2500 for a small boat with shed, for 5 people. That will include Nagsasa, Anawangin and Pundaquit.
We also asked if we can park at his house. Rommel volunteered to drive to Zambales. He also said that we can use their washroom to change when we arrived.

We also asked, if we can borrow some pans for cooking. Kuya Cris was very generous, to offered us their utensils. 😊
We’re all set. It’s time to go to Nagsasa, Anawangin πŸ˜ƒ

We decided to leave at midnight. Main rule, is to keep on chatting, to keep us awake. Since Rommel needs to be awake to.

At Bulacan, we made our first stop. We had our breakfast here, ’cause we might not be able to find any open fast food in Zambales. Wrong move! we felt sleepy after eating! 😝

We’re in Zambales around 2:30 am. I contacted again Kuya Cris to ask for the landmarks.
We thought we were lost, ’cause we can’t find the sign he told us. Then we realize that we haven’t pass that road.
After some time, we finally saw the waiting shed in Pundaquit. Where Kuya Cris will meet us.
Kuya Cris was making jokes on us ’cause we got lost. After parking the car, we walked towards their house, which is not that close from the parking area.

And time to leave Pundaquit…

We left at 4:30 am to Nagsasa.
There’s no one else but us who went to Nagsasa. It was really dark, and we can’t see anything except the stars. I don’t know how Kuya Cris can drive the boat. For me, it’s really difficult to see which way to go. πŸ˜…

It was kinda far. The sun is already rising and we haven’t reached Nagsasa.
After more than an hour, here we are!

There are some tourists in Nagsasa who had their tent assembled. It’s already 7:00 am.
A fisherman came toward us to sell some fresh fish. We bought 1 kilo ’cause it’s really cheap. We can’t wait to eat those at lunch.
We rest for a bit, and decided to go for trekking in the morning.

Then we went swimming afterwards.

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel
chips while swimming…

We were starving after those activities.
We grilled the fish, cooked pancit canton πŸ˜‚, bread with peanut butter and rice.πŸ˜‹

After eating, they went for a nap. But I can’t sleep, so I just took a shower. (It might help me sleep later)

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel

Nagsasa Cove - Budget Travel

We left Nagsasa at 12:00 pm.
Now time for Anawangin, Capones and Camara.
(Kuya Cris adopted a puppy from one of the grandma’s we met 😊)

Anawangin - Budget Travel

It was really hot when we sailed. Kuya Cris didn’t used the boat roof/shed ’cause it’s windy.
There’s so many tourist when we arrived at Anawagin. The lagoon was dry because of the heat. We just looked for a small spot to rest. Kuya Cris needs to go back to Pundaquit to convey other tourists. So we wait…

We didn’t do anything at Anawangin. I just looked around and saw some tourist who leave their garbage.
After some time, Kuya Cris picked us up to go to Capones.

But sadly, it became windy. Cat was really scared. So we didn’t push through. We weren’t able to see Camara and Capones, maybe next time?

We went back to Pundaquit, to end our tour.
We our goodbyes and paid and give some tip to Kuya Cris. His wife thought that we gave a wrong amount (because of the tip) 😊. Till next time….

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