Sagada: Own my own in Mountain Province’s Pride III

Solo Backpacking in Sagada

DAY 2 – SaturdayI showered last night (’cause I’m not sure if I can tolerate the temperature of the water😅), and left 5:00 am. Good thing there’s always hot coffee in the common area of the hostel.
4 in the group were not able to get up because of body ache.
But we still went to Kiltepan to catch the sunrise. It was so beautiful 😊

Solo Backpacking Sagada - Kiltepan Sunrise

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Kiltepan Sunrise

We were done by 8:00 am. Our guide told us to get ready for our Bomod-ok trekking that will leave 9:30 am. I applied sunblock and put my jacket. In case it will be hot later.

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Aguid Rice Terraces

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Aguid Rice Terraces
are we there yet…haha

While walking, our guide told us some stories for each stop.

It was a nice walk. It’s like your walking in rice terraces. (based on the picture above, you can see how long the narrow road is)

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Bomod-ok Falls

After the long walk… Yay! the big falls!
But it’s El Nino, so there’s not much at the falls.
We rested for a bit, and before going back. Walk in uphill is always the hard part than walking downhill.😫

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Aguid Rice Terraces
fried legs because of the heat 😂

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Aguid Rice Terraces

We bought ₱1 ice candy after an hour of trekking.
It was so refreshing 😋.

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Lemon Pie

We were at the main town by 1:30 pm. Ate some lunch and went to Lemon Pie for their famous egg pie.

We ordered our dinner at Salt and Pepper that we plan to eat at the Lake Danum (our tour guide’s planned)
At 3:00 pm…assembly time for our next tourist spots, the Sagada Weaving.

I took a picture, but asked no to.
It’s my fault and didn’t notice the sign, that camera are prohibited.

We went to Makamkamlis Bakery after. I wanted to take home some cinnamon bread. For ₱17/pack. One pack of cinnamon and one pack of cheese bread.
Next is the Ganduyan Museum. They did a great job on preserving the items. You can see how organized the Igorot are.

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Ganduyan Museum

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Ganduyan Museum

It’s already 5:00 pm. Which means, it’s time for our dinner!.(almost)
We’re now in Lake Danum, together with other guides, who wanted to join too.

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Lake Danum

kuya Ben – our tour guide
kuya John – our photographer inside the caves
kuya Life – who was our designated driver to Lake Danum
kuya Jason a.k.a ivler – “release me”
kuya Theodore – for short kuya door, rather, kuya twodoor. Thought us some puzzle.
kuya Lester – who will not give up at debates.
kuya Larry – late comer. But Kuya Ben and Kuya Larry were our entertainers
kuya James – he was the quiet one. 😜

Solo Backpacking in Sagada - Lake Danum

It was a really nice dinner. We did some activites, like “Pinoy Henyo”. Then shared some stories (horror stories…) 😮
They said, before, some of the tourist stayed overnight in Lake Danum. But I guess they don’t allow it anymore.
We spent our time talking to our guides at the bonfire.
We enjoyed our time with them. There was no dull moment 😊.

I can’t believe that it’s my last night in Sagada.
I planned to leave early the next day. So I won’t be there at the ceremony, they give to the tourist who made it alive in Sagada 😁

I’m at my room by 11:00 pm. And guess what, the shower still don’t have hot water 😧.
I just had a quick shower and went to bed. With 2 blankets. Good thing, I had 2 blankets in my room.

I left Sagada the next morning, at 7:00 am
Now I can say, I survived Sagada! (Even just half of it 😛)

Solo Backpacking in Sagada

Solo Backpacking in Sagada

8 thoughts on “Sagada: Own my own in Mountain Province’s Pride III

  1. I’ve been to Baguio but never been to Sagada though I really wanted to experience trekking there. Thanks for sharing your pics now I am really eager to have an adventure with my friends. Looking forward to seeing the falls and have a camp fire with them too

  2. Wow, sounds like an action-packed day! No stopping at all! But I’m glad you got to do so much on your last day there. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos!


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