How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim? Is this possible? Maybe or Maybe not. Definitely it is possible. Doable, certainly, but mostly likely not all points.
Since we planned to visit South Rim the same day as Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon, we needed to research all the points that really interest us and which have great views.

Grand Canyon National Park is a huge park, that’s why the entrance ticket it valid for 7 days. That’s how huge it is. But how will you do it if you only have half day?

NPS (U.S. National Park Service) have a really good information on how to plan your visit. They even have maps and guide online so you can plan ahead of time.

They even have a short video on how to use their bus transportation to view each point. In this short video, they even said 3-4 hours! So I guess it is really doable 😃

So after paying our entrance fee, which is $35, we then looked for a parking space, which is another 30 minutes from the gate. Pretty far ha?

We got our park in one of the bus stop station (Shrine of the Ages), which is good, at least we don’t have to walk that much 😃. So we start our tour.

You only need to hop on and hop off the bus. They explained it clearly on how to use their buses in their site. They have colors for every directions. We went first to Red bus, which is going to Hermit’s Rest, We rode the Blue bus that will connect us to Red bus. But seeing the line in the red bus, we decided no to go to Hermit’s Rest point and just went to Mohave point first.

First stop, Mojave Point

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

While studying the map, we found that the red bus will just have 4 stops going back. Which are the Pima Point, Mojave Point, Powell Point and the Village Route transfer.

So After Mojave point, we went to Powell point, and Hopi is not the far, you can always walk then just go back to Powell point for the ride back.

Second stop Hopi and Powell Point

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

We went back Village Route transfer to to ride the blue stop going to the visitor area where all the bus will meet. Good thing there are some water stations around the area. Don’t forget to bring tumbler, if you don’t want to get dehydrated during summer season.

So we wait for the yellow bus going to Mather’s point. I’ve heard that this point is really popular during sunset, but since the sunset during summer is kinda late, we can’t really wait for that one, as our energy is running low 🤣.

The last stop, Mather’s point.

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

There are some points that cars are allowed, but mostly you should ride the bus to visit a certain point. But don’t worry, their bus are on time and if I’m not mistaken it has a 5 mins interval each. Or maybe 10 mins sometimes.

How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

37 thoughts on “How to spend half day in Grand Canyon South Rim

  1. Wow! The Grand Canyon is sooo big that I’ve always wonder how to properly walk around to know the best parts. And after this post, I know it 🙂 Thanks for the great tips!

    Cheers from Argentina!

  2. I am waiting for few more years and then I will go there with my girls. It’s such an enchanting place and love your photos.

  3. I understand how hard it is ti plan a trip whee you want to pick the best things to see in a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing your sxortjexpe and making our work when I visit the grand canyon I’ll just check your post and know what to do. No additional research needed 🙂

  4. It must be surreal to see this majestic landscape in person. Since I’m not driving, the bus option would be just perfect for me. That way I could enjoy all these wonderful view undisturbed.

  5. Stuning photos of the canyon and great advice on a quick visit, sometimes we don’t have the luxury to take our time in places! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to see the great view in real life 🙂

  6. Grand Canyon is one of my dreams destinations! You provided a very detailed description, so I’m definitely bookmarking your article for later.

  7. Those are some stunning photos! I really love how the flat peak of each cliff almost aligns perfectly with the horizon. The western States have been a while on my bucket list – I might need to take quite a few days off to also see the neighboring national parks…

  8. Grand Canyon is on everyone’s wishlist and I must say you have taken beautiful photos of this nature’s wonder. I loved the patches of clouds, blue skies over Grand Canyon and even the reflections of clouds are seen in the pictures of last point – Mather’s point. Thanks for sharing wonderful guide.

  9. Absolutely stunning! Ive traveled a lot internationally but posts like these remind me that I need to travel more within the States as I havent even been to the Grand Canyon

  10. Grand Canyon South Rim look magical and mesmerizing. The pictures are so beautiful. Even though it is possible to do it in half a day which is a blessing for travelers who are short on time, since the ticket to the Grand Canyon National Park is valid for 7 days, I think I would love to make the best of it! Thanks for introducing this fabulous destination to us!

  11. This is a well-spent afternoon!

    I had no idea there were also hop on hop off buses available there. It sure makes it seem a lot more accessible, it’s very good for people like me, who don’t (yet) drive, but also hate being on a bus with a fixed tour which allows very little time in places you wanna stay longer.

  12. Wow – I have yet to visit but as an American this is one of our great national treasures and I really have to plan a visit!

  13. The Grand Canyon is certainly on our bucket list. Thank you for this very informative article. You’ve made sure to include all necessary details to help us plan our visit to this marvel of nature!

  14. Your photos are fantastic and a reminder of why the Grand Canyon is such a well-loved tourist destination. We’re hoping to visit ourselves one day, and your article is a great source of inspiration!


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