4 Days in South Korea..the land of the morning calm IV

Full House South Korea.

Before leaving Namsan 3 guesthouse, we took some picture at their roof deck and ate breakfast.
We checked out at 11:00 am and planned to have some lunch somewhere close. We also bought some chocolate bread in Paris Baguette.

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Paris Baguette

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Paris Baguette

I forgot to mention, that there’s a long stairs going up and down from subway.
So this will not be good, if you are carrying a luggages.
We wait for the bus#6015 to Incheon airport.
we plan to leave our luggages to a storage room at the airport, and go to Full House setting (It’s a popular K-drama too).
Our flight will be at night, so we still have time for it.
We paid ₩19,000 for 6 hours (1 medium luggage and 5 hand-carry bags)

From Incheon airport, we need to ride bus#223 to Yeongjong airport town. I’ve read, that we need to go down at Unseo place. Then look for bus stop and ride #710. We need to inform the driver to drop us off at Sammok Ferry.

When we arrive at the ferry (walk a little) and you’ll see that the ferry is waiting for passengers.
You will pay when you get back. SO let’s hop in!
After 15 minutes, we are already in Si-do Island. We ride the blue bus going to the Full House for ₩1,000 each, that you will just put in a box (like donation box).
I think, there’s only 2 bus operates in this area.

We told the driver, to drop us in Full House.
A little later, he told us that we can get off, and point where we can find the bicycles going to Full House. You can also ride taxi, but we don’t see any.

We rented the 3 bikes for ₩3,000 each.

It feels nostalgic, riding a bike (but not in a cold weather 😱), we were like kids again.
The ride was not that easy, we need to walk with the bikes in uphill. Then need to break in downhill. My sister got bruise going downhill, she lost her balance and forgot about the breaks😞.
I thought we’re lost, until we saw the signs going to Full House. Yay!!!!

And we’re here!
We paid ₩5,000 each for the entrance fee.
Shoes are not allowed inside. There are slippers in the house, for you to use.
We were just there for 40 minutes. And the good thing is, we’re the only one in the house. Woohoo!

Full House South Korea

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Full House South Korea

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Full House South Korea

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Full House South Korea

South Korea 4 Days Budget Itinerary - Full House South Korea

We need to catch the last ferry at 6:30 pm. So we left the around 3:15 pm. We returned the bike and found out that the Ahjumma also visited Manila way back. We also bumped into 2 girls (from Manila too), and they are also going to the Full House.
So now, we’re just in the bus stop, waiting.
I already know, the bus will take long time to come.
We were there at 3:45 pm, and it’s already 4:15 pm. And we’re still waiting.
We were worried (panicking😱), because the next ferry is 4:30 pm. So we asked some group of Ahjumma, who are waiting for the bus too. and we were shivering, and had cracked lips. My hands were numbed too.
And, saw the blue bus now, but, it’s going to the other way, so we waited for it to come back.

The Ahjummas were so good. They noticed me shivering and lend me a bubble jacket. 😌
Finally, the bus has arrived. It’s so good to feel warm.
After 15 minutes, we’re in the seaport
Bought tickets for ₩3,600 each (round-trip tickets). The next ferry will be at 5:30 pm. We also saw the 2 other girls, and asked them how did they got back so fast. They told us that they hitched a car, that is also going to the port.
So it’s time to leave, we hop into the ferry. Then, ride the bus #221-1, then ride another bus going to the airport which is #223. Basically, we just followed some of the passengers.
And we made it, after 40 minutes, we’re in the airport, ate dinner, checked in.
After 4 hours flight, we’re back in Manila 😄

7 thoughts on “4 Days in South Korea..the land of the morning calm IV

  1. I have not been to South Korea but my friends have and they always interest me with the different things they say they enjoy. Particulary the nature there. I loved your post and the place you stayed looked nice, I liked the staircase.



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