Solo Backpacking in Japan: Kyoto – 9hours capsule hotel

Going to Kyoto(9hours capsule hotel) from Osaka Station.
From Osaka – get on a Hankyu Train at Umeda Station bound for Kawaramachi Station, and get off at Kawaramachi Station, walk 5 minutes from No,10 exit.

When I got off at the Kawaramachi station, I was surprised that I will need to take stairs again. With luggage. Are you kidding me?!!! (By the end of this trip, I will have a muscular legs and arms 😅)

The 9hours capsule is just 5-min walk from the station. You can choose to leave you luggage at the lobby or to the lockers.

There’s no lockers available, so lobby it is. I had my own lock, so it’s all good.
There’s a schedule for bath tub, if you want to take a bath.

solo backpacking in Japan

9hours capsule hotel

night mode on

You have to leave your things to your locker, before sleeping, just bring the important things and sleep…
Be sure to turn your phone on silent mode.
the capsule has its own alarm too, that will turn the light of your capsule room, when it’s to wake up 😊

9 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking in Japan: Kyoto – 9hours capsule hotel

  1. I have never been to Japan and I have never been solo backpacking. Two things I am dying to do! you have shared super helpful tips and encouraged me to plan my first backpacking trip. 🙂

  2. Wow what a unique experience. I’m wondering if we have something like th is here and how i would like to sleep in it. Is it spacious? Did you feel claustrophobic?

  3. We were planning to travel to Japan sometime next year. Recently a friend of mine went there to Japan, he is from Australia and said Japan are years ahead when it comes to technology advancements.This can clearly be seen from your write up about this place. It really amazes me how organized they are. Love the inbuilt alarm system in the cubicles.

  4. I am claustrophobic so while I love the sound of a capsule hotel, I know that realistically it would make me freak out because I don’t like small spaces! But it sounds like a great concept for those who are solo backpackers and don’t mind small spaces. How did it make you feel?

    1. I was just happy that I was able to booked it. But once there I can’t sleep not because it’s uncomfortable but I’m worried of my itineraries🤣 over all it was really a great experience.

  5. Ugh. The stairs. It made me cringe. I would have been huffing and puffing going up a flight of stairs with luggage! Oh well, I guess I am just not fit enough to do it. The capsule hotel looks interesting. I would love to try it, but I am sure I can’t sleep in it because I need enough space to toss and turn before finally falling asleep. I think this would be a feasible alternative though for lay overs.


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