4 Days in Macau-Hong Kong Tips and Budget

4 Days in Macau and Hong Kong Budget Itinerary


  • If doing DIY, read info about Macau and Hong Kong
  • Take note of the places you would like to go and search for their directions
  • We bought HK$ before our trip. Just to be safe in case we can’t find any foreign exchange
  • They have a different socket (Macau-HK sample adaptor)


  • In Macau, all transportation can be done by Hotel Shuttles, and it’s free!
  • We just used HK$ in Macau, they accepted it. But MOP$ can’t be used in Hong Kong. But you can exchange MOP$ to HK$ before you exit.
  • Hotel is most common in Macau. We didn’t find any guesthouse. Maybe because of Casinos?
  • Hotels allow you to leave your luggages on their lobby for free..as far as I know, it’s free for 24 hours.
  • 1 day is enough for Macau, well, IMO. 😛
  • Bring medicine for seasickness if your taking ferry from Macau to Hong Kong. Sometimes the ride can be shaky.

Hong Kong

  • Stay near TST(Tsim Sha Tsui) if you’re into shopping, and it’s close to MTR station.
  • Cosmic Guesthouse have small rooms
  • you can buy octupus card to avoid queues in MTR ticket booths, but in our case, we just bought single journey cards
  • We bought some HK$ too in Cosmic Guesthouse ’cause they have a fair rate.
  • I guess default water in Hong Kong is hot (even in our guesthouse and food republic, even in Disneyland)
  • Buy Disneyland tickets prior to your preferred date, again, just to avoid queues
  • Most guesthouse in Hong Kong offer discounted Disneyland/Ocean Park tickets, you might want to inquire it before buying online
  • Bring umbrellas and put some sunblock during summer.
  • You can bring snacks in Disneyland, but not meal. There are restaurants inside but, quite expensive
  • Sometimes, there are people who cut in line in DisneyLand


4 Days in Macau and Hong Kong Budget Itinerary

Total of ₱63,242/4 = ₱15,811/person


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