Our Getaway: 14-Day Itinerary and Budget in Canada

14-Day Itinerary and Budget in Canada. This is not a typical budget travel. Since it’s a vacation with my family. Though we still tried to be on a budget .  Numbers below didn’t include our shopping budget 

It’s a two batch tour. One we tried the bus and one we tried the Via rail. I recommend train, but it will be more expensive. I just saw a promo, and just bought it because it is much cheaper compare to the bus second time around.
Tip: It is cheaper to buy tickets in Via Rail every Tuesday 😉

The first trip was last May 2017 which we took bus from Toronto to Montreal. Then bus again from Montreal to Quebec. And Vice Versa.

The second trip was last September 2017. We ride the train from Toronto to Montreal, bus from Montreal to Quebec, then train from Quebec to Ottawa, and lastly Ottawa to Toronto. When were back to Toronto, we had a DIY day trip to Niagara Falls.

The plane tickets can vary from where you are coming from. The lowest will be $28 bus round-trip tickets, if your coming from Buffalo, New York. The highest can be $1000+, if you’re coming from Asia.

For accommodation, we tried some hotels and AirBnb. Which is surprisingly good. I haven’t tried AirBnb before, just hostel. So I was really pleased and we enjoyed our stay to those AirBnb private room/space we availed.

We had a discount on some attractions. A good friend gave it to me 

As I’ve said, I will just breakdown all the expenses for transportation, accommodations and entrance fees.

May 2017

14-Day Itinerary and Budget in Canada

Sept 2017


14-Day Itinerary and Budget in Canada


If you’re gonna be in Toronto for weeks or month, you better get the TTC pass. And if you’re planning to go to Mississauga or other place that are not included in TTC route, you will need presto card, to be able to ride the Go Bus or Train. Check here for their schedules.

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