Solo Backpacking in Europe: Santorini – Fira Backpackers

Unfortunately I forgot to take a pictures of the Fira Backpackers hostel.

Nonetheless, it was ok too.
What I don’t like, since our room is just beside the entrance, I can hear other tourist having party outside. So I had a hard time sleeping.

I don’t have any earplugs with me. I’ll take note of that next time, haha!.
There are some flies in some part of the Santorini, so when I ate my breakfast, there are some of it flying around.

Breakfast is also included. It’s a simple breakfast, cereal, bread, juice and coffee, with some bread jam.

Fira Backpackers

Fira backpackers is just 5-min walk from bus terminal.

Rooms are OK too, they also have washroom inside, and downstairs.


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