Solo Backpacking in Europe: When in Rome

And I woke up…hmm, where am I? oh airport, what time is it? I didn’t hear my alarm, so probably, it’s still 3:00 am..and then I saw the big clock. Is it 5:50 am? hmm, what?!! really?!! oh my, I just have 30 minutes to check in. I need to go to the washroom first, OMG, I’m so late, I even have marks in my face, LOL.

I was able to make it, even though there’s already line in security check,good thing it was quick, and the gate was, I think 5-10 minutes walk.. 😊

The flight took more or less 2 hours.
I already bought a ticket in Terravision through online. A bus transportation from Rome CIA airport to Roma Termina that cost €4.

So when I got off the plane, I immediately look for the bus outside, in front of the airport, there is bus stations. I think the schedule of the buses are every 30 minutes or 1 hour.

I found Terravision and they validated my ticket. From what I read, the travel time to Roma Termini is just 1 hour. But it was traffic that day. I’m not sure why, so the travel time took 2.5 hours.

Now, I’m shock..When we arrived in Rome Termini, I didn’t know where to go. I asked someone and they don’t know how to speak english, but of course he tried to help me. So, I went inside, to ask for the street name, where the hostel is.

solo backpacker in Rome - When in Rome

I almost forgot I have an offline GPS (see, I always panic, LOL)
By the time I remembered, I’m already lost, LOL..but not that far.

I finally found The Yellow hostel. I’m an early check in again, so I need to leave my luggage at the storage, so I can start my itinerary.

I just bought a day pass for €7. It will start from the time you validate it on the bus or subway. I can use it until 11:00 am, tomorrow.

I plan to go to Vatican first. But the next train will be in 30 minutes. So I looked for the metro subway to go to Colosseum instead, but it was closed..hmm that’s weird. I asked the girl in Information desk, and she told me that there’s a strike ongoing for bus and metro that will last until 5:00 pm. OK, this is not good…and I’m HANGRY..I just bought a choco croissant, and decided to go to Vatican (I should stick to my plan, LOL).

The stop is San Pietro… 2-3 stops from Roma Termini.
Now that I know my offline GPS is working 😜 I just follow it and walked for 15 minutes (from the station).

oh, oh, oh…I can see it from afar…wow, I’m really here (I always say this, haha)

And here it is πŸ˜„

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

I need to find my way to cupola 😊
There will be a security check before you can enter the basilica.

I opt for the stairs, because even if I choose the lift, there will still be stairs..but I underestimated it, haha!.
I’m already out of breath and there’s still MORE stairs 😫

And finally 😲 Wow!!!

St. Peter's Basilica cupola

St. Peter's Basilica cupola

St. Peter's Basilica cupola

Going down is bearable, but still my feet are tired now..

Castel Sant’ Angelo is within the vicinity, maybe another 15 minutes walk.
As you can see, there’s a lot of tourist (including me πŸ˜…)

Castel Sant' Angelo

I decided to go back to Roma Termini. But yeah, I need to walk for 30 minutes to go to San Pietro station.

I need to refuel, since the strike is not yet done. I found something to eat for €9, just around the Roma Termini station 😊

solo backpacker in Europe

And also bought some snacks, πŸ˜‹

solo backpacker in Europe
chocolate croissant
solo traveler in Europe

Time to go to Colosseum, and the metro subways are open now, at least my day pass will not go to waste, haha!

The Colosseum is just in front of Colosseum subway station (figures 😜)
Tonight will be the night shot, then I will go back tomorrow morning 😊



I also wanted to visit the Trevi fountain, as I won’t be able to tomorrow morning. And of course to make a wish 😁

Trevi fountain

Trevi fountain

I went back to the bus station, but then as I wait for the bus, I saw that Pantheon is just a 7 minutes walk, so OK, why not visit. Even if it is already cold..I forced my feet to walk, haha!


Then back again to the bus station..the bus took so long to arrive, not to mention, there are different bus numbers..I think I waited 30 minutes, before I figured out that I’m on the wrong bus stop, I should be on the opposite side, OH MY!!! so yeah, I’m already freezing and I needed to wait for another 30 minutes or maybe more than that…

At the hostel, I just took a shower and rest 😊

Wakey wakey, it is already 6:45 am..I need to check out early and leave my luggage at the storage room. So I can start my morning right 😊

OK, Colosseum in the morning 😊



solo backpacker in Europe

I’m contemplating to visit Piazza Nova, but I’m worried, that I will wait long for the bus, aside from it is rush hour…so I just went back to hostel and wait until 12:00 pm for my train to Florence.


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