Indoor Archery in Ortigas

We bought our vouchers from a deal site to get a 50% discount on Gandiva Archery … Yay!
We called them for reservation on our preferred date, unfortunately, they were fully booked. They gave us morning slots for the next week. So excited!

We were there 10 minutes before our schedule.
And we’re the only clients πŸ˜€

Short briefing first (Forgot the names of each gear)

They taught us how to hold the archery bow, to lock the arrow in the bow, correct posture and how to pull the string. And the meaning of each whistles. 2 whistles mean ready, long whistle means release and 3 whistles to retrieve the arrows.

We were given 3 arrows each set. We did it for 1 hour.
On our first try, we didn’t really hit the target, even the closer ring. It all went to the white or to the blue wall. LOL

In no time, each of us were able to hit the bullseye.

It was fun. 1 hour was really short. Until next time…
And time for some buffet!…at Yakimix.

7 thoughts on “Indoor Archery in Ortigas

  1. Archery is such a fun activity. I have tried it a number of times but it requires a so much concentration. Your blog post is making me want to go to the archery range in my city one more time.

  2. Archery seems to be a fun and enjoyable sport for everyone πŸ™‚ It provides you with tons of fun ! Archery seems easy to learn, but very difficult to become proficient in.


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