Solo Backpacking in Europe: Florence – lovely city in Tuscany

The train(Trenitalia) to Florence from Rome is just 2 hours.

And here I am, Florence.
We arrived in Firenze S.M.N terminal on time.
Its cloudy, and it rained a while ago.

Florence in one day

Things to do in Florence

Following my GPS, I just need to walk to Plus Hostel..I think my offline GPS is trying to kill me…haha!
The walk took 15-20 minutes , I think … from this point, my back is shouting for help!!! πŸ˜‚

Eventually, thank God, I found my hostel, I’m on time for the Check in, so I arrange my stuff before going out.

Since I already established my trust with my offline gps…I went with it.
Now it’s telling me that all the attractions are walking distance.
OK, I said, it will save me money.

And well, it took me maybe 20-30 minutes to spot the Duomo 😊



Then walk for about 10 minutes , and you will see the Ponte Vecchio…nice 😊

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

The Uffizi Museum, is just around the corner.😊

Uffizi Museum

Uffizi Museum

Going back to Duomo from Ponte Vecchio, I spot the Michael Angelo Museum.

Michael Angelo Museum

Walking around in Florence is soooo nice and safe I should say 😊
It’s a bit different from Rome as it is crowded.
So I enjoyed walking around Florence. πŸ˜€

Things to do in Florence

One Day in Florence

After all the walking, just bought my dinner and went back to Plus hostel.. to sleep

Things to do in Florence

The next day, is Pisa andΒ Cinque Terre (for one whole day).

I woke up late, like 8:00 am, and bought a buffet breakfast in the hostel, I plan to eat and rest while waiting for my scheduled train to Venice. But well, 2 hours for buffet is enough, and I think I need to walk, cause I’m really full.

Things to do in Florence

So I went back to Ponte Vecchio, because I still don’t have a nice picture with the Ponte Vecchio, LOL.

2 weeks budget itinerary in Europe

After 1 hour, I went back to the hostel, to prepare my things as I need to walk again (sigh) to the Firenze S.M.N.

But all of a sudden it rains, so hard, not now! I need to walk..huhu
so I waited for 15 minutes , but it still raining, at least it’s just showers, so that’s OK..I can handle that πŸ˜€

And so I wait in the terminal for my train to arrive.

solo backpacker in Europe

After 1 hour, we board the train to Venice πŸ˜€

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