AirAsia in DMIA

We spot a promo flight going to Macau in AirAsia.
So, we bought a multi city ticket. Clark-Macau-Hong Kong-Clark.

AirAsia airline is in Clark Pampanga.
So we searched on how can we go there from Manila.
We need to ride a bus (Philtranco), that will take us to DMIA.

We reserved our seats online. The travel will take 2 hours, more or less.

There was a storm (HABAGAT), and it’s traffic everywhere.
We had a hard time looking for a taxi to Megamall. When we were in Megamall, we thought that we missed the bus. But because of heavy traffic, the bus haven’t made it in Megamall yet. We’re running late, and not sure if we can catch out flight.😟

We also think of riding in a cab, but its way too expensive. The driver quote us ₱3,000.

I think we will be ok, ’cause I noticed we’re not the only one who’s late.
So we just wait, and prayed that we make it on time.

The fare for one way was ₱400, from Megamall to DMIA.

We already did our web-check in. But we still need to line up for travel tax (₱1620) and terminal fee(₱600).
Then there’s immigration too. And we only have 30 minutes before they close the gate 😟😮.
But it seems that the line in immigration was not moving at all.

6:00 pm when a staff called all the passengers going to Macau. It was a riot, in immigration, LOL. There’s a lot of people complained and disappointed. Anyway, we boarded, and the plane left at 7:30 pm, instead of 6:20 pm, talk about Mañana Habit, LOL


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