Cebu-Bohol Trip for 3 Nights 2 Days: Bohol

Our Cebu-Bohol Budget Itinerary.

Score! I got a Piso fare from Cebu pacific for 5 persons last March. Round Trip tickets for Manila-Cebu-Manila. It’s just that, my Dad and brother were not able to go with us.

Estimate time of departure in Manila is 9:35 pm originally 8:35 pm. Well they said, flights from Manila to Cebu is usually delayed.
We did some research because we plan to cross Bohol from Cebu. Which is almost 2 hours travel time. So, why not 😊

We looked for accommodations for Cebu and Bohol. We can’t find anything around Dumaluan and Alona. So we decided to stay in Tagbilaran City. We chose/reserved at El Portal Inn. We also got an Inn in Cebu (I just forgot the Inn’s name)

Based on my research, from some forums, Kuya RJ or Kuya Tatsky are the recommended tour guide in Bohol. We choose Kuya RJ.

Ok. We arrived late at night in Cebu. We got a private car to drop us off to the Inn.
Well, we just need to sleep now, because we need to wake up early the next day to catch the boat/ship at 6:00 am. We plan to get our tickets from Oceanjet, since they have the earliest departure to Bohol.

We woke kinda late, well just me…LOL
But still we were able to leave the Inn at 5:00 am.
At the seaport, when we’re about to buy the tickets, they informed us that the 6:00 am schedule is already full 😟
So we switched to Supercat. The next schedule will be 8:30 am. So we wait for 2 more hours…

Cebu-Bohol Budget Itinerary
too early to wait…

Finally, it’s time to leave.
We arrived in Bohol at quarter-to-11:00 am. Supposedly, Kuya RJ is our tour guide, but unfortunately, he had some emergency to take care of, so he asked his brother (Kuya Ruben) to be our tour guide for the day. Time to start our tour. Don’t forget to put sunblock 😊

First stop… Blood compact.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Blood Compact

2nd stop, the Baclayon church.
Luckily, there’s no mass, so we were allowed to roam inside.
And because I’m wearing a sleeveless and short skirt, and these are prohibited inside (I didn’t know). But they were kind enough to lend me some cloak 😊

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Baclayon Church

3rd stop… The Tarsier Encounter.

The tarsiers are so small, you won’t noticed them at first. My mom was still looking for them, and didn’t know that one them is already in front of her, until it started moving. 😁

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Tarsier Encounter

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Tarsier Encounter
this one had a bruise, because of a petty fight 😩

There’s lemur too…(I thought it’s Lumer, LOL).
They are the same as tarsier, who are asleep in the morning, so they are so calm that time.
When Kuya Ruben called me to take a picture of Lemur, I said I already did, but he has other way of “taking a picture WITH lemur”, which is putting it in my shoulder.

So I said, ok…but Kuya Ruben tricked me. Instead of lemur, he put a small snake in my shoulder! OMG.. I was like, steady…steady.. and it was done. It felt like a scotch tape.
We just need to donate at the Tarsier site for maintenance, food etc.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Lemur

4th stop… Loboc River cruise.

We’re so hungry, finally, it’s lunch time. I can’t wait!
But, when we got there, the were so many people, and we can’t be accommodated at 12:00 pm.. the next boat will be 1:15 pm. That’ll be fine, it’s just that, we’re really hungry, haha!.
Finally, it’s time. SO we paid β‚±300 for the buffet, and β‚±100 for the government fee or something (I forgot). Total of β‚±400/person.
There’s a table number that will be assigned to your group.
And time to eat 😊

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Loboc River Cruise

We were so full, that I was not able to try the nipa ice cream.

5th stop … the chocolate hills.
It is a little bit far, so we just took a nap at the van after that lunch.
The rain just stopped, but there’s still light showers.

And we need to take a few stairs going to the top for some pictures.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Chocolate Hills

6th stop … The Manmade Forest.
They said that students planted trees in 1978 to 1980. And they preserve it until now. Of course, it is prohibited cutting the trees. Nice!

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Manmade Forest
manmade forest

7th stop … The Butterfly Conservatory.
There’s only a few butterflies showed up, because of the rain.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Butterfly Observatory

8th stop…The Hanging Bridge
The bridge was slippery that time. So they advised us not to cross.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Hanging Bridge

9th…The biggest Phyton
That night we visited Prony the biggest phyton.
It eats 62 kilos of a live pig. And that’s for 1month…I guess.

Prony’s best friends are in the cage too like eagle, lemur, monkey and I forgot the other one. I was able to take a picture with Prony.

Cebu-Bohol 2 Day Budget Itinerary - Prony the biggest phyton
This is me, when someone scared the hell out of me, while I’m with Prony πŸ˜‚

10th stop … delicacies.
It’s really late, but we made it to the store before they close.

We did not go for the sea tour in Panglao, since we have a tight schedule.
So we just rest and prepared for our Cebu trip the next day.

14 thoughts on “Cebu-Bohol Trip for 3 Nights 2 Days: Bohol

  1. Beautiful! My girlfriend and I are looking for an interesting place to travel this summer and this might actually make the list. Sending to her now to see what she thinks πŸ™‚

  2. The tarsiers are so tiny! They kinda look a lot llike Yoda too. Ha ha. Anyway, I think that was an awesome trip you had. I just did not like the part about snakes though. Reptiles terrify me.

  3. The chocolate hills are such unique land formations It would be nice to see them personally. I love those tiny tarsiers too. So cute!

  4. I would love to cross that suspension bridge! I have yet to visit Bohol when I go back to Manila. There are so many places to see!

  5. You’re so lucky I never score those piso fare from CebPac πŸ™ Never been to Bohol but it seems so lovely there. Would love to visit some time when I’m lucky enough to get piso fare tickets hehe


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