3 Days Boracay Budget Itinerary

It’s my second time in Boracay 😁

Our flight was supposed to be 1:10 pm, due to bad weather, it was moved to 1:50 pm.

First Day…
We arrived at Kalibo airport at 2:40 pm. We availed a van to the port, worth β‚±200 with boat ride. They will meet you outside of the airport. The can can accommodate 10-12 persons.

After 2hours of travel, we arrived at the jetty port in Caticlan, and paid for their β‚±50 for terminal fee and β‚±75 environmental fee. Then, you need to sign up for insurance (I’m not sure if it’s for the boat ride. And they will hand you a free Bocacay guide booklet.
The boat ride took 15 minutes but you still have to ride a tricycle for 20 minutes to Boracay station 2. It’s β‚±20 each.

3 Days Boracay Budget Itinerary - Taj Guesthouse

We stayed in TAJ Guesthouse. They have a perfect location, at the beachfront. We communicated through email and paid for deposit as reservation, and just paid the our balance upon arrival.

3 Days Boracay Budget Itinerary

Boracay 3 day itinerary and Budget

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

We went out to find something to eat and we also tried one of their buffets, with seafood, meat, grilled chicken and vegetables. It’s β‚±330 per person with bottomless iced tea. You have to pay separately for lobsters and big shrimps.
After dinner, we watched some fire dancing.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget
boracay love

Second Day…
Time for beach photos. It’s a good weather for good pictures
My sister got some henna tattoo, while me and my brother busy taking pictures

We contacted Kuya Nino, for the activities. They have a competitive price for their service.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

We availed the Reef Walking at 11:00 am. Then Parasailing, then ATV in the afternoon. We meet our guide at Station 1 (in Yellow Cab) to start the Reef Walking. We need to sign another waiver for this.

But they switch our schedule, so Parasailing first before Reef Walking.
The weather is getting gloomy again.
We got seasick, even before the Parasailing. Because of the wave.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget -parasailing
up up and away!!!!!!

It feels good up there. After 15 minutes being in the air, our seasickness came back again when they pulled us down. 😡

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

There’s tip box in speedboat so be sure to have small bills with you πŸ˜‹

Then it’s time for reef walking. We’re still feeling sick, but they said, it will be gone, once we’re at the bottom of the sea.
So they gave us an orientation on what to do, hand gestures/signs we need to know. And how to equalize.
Our helmet weighs 25 kg. But it will be 3 kg, once you’re at the bottom of the sea. Pictures and videos are included in the price. It will be in a CD.
It will take 30 minutes. You will be able a see the school of fish and have a chance to feed them too.

After all the sea activities, we’re starving! We took a shower and time for some pizza. 😲

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget
yellow cab…Welcome to my tummy

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

After late lunch, we contacted our guide again for our ATV.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

There’s a shuttle that will drop us to ATV. There will be an orientation too. We paid entrance fees for bat place (β‚±60 each) and ocean tower (β‚±50). In addition, you will have a different guide for you to follow while driving the ATV.

We finished around 6:00 pm and had some Starbucks after.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

We just stroll along the beach. Found this beach art and tried the Jonah’s shake too.

3 Days Boracay Budget Itinerary

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

We had a melon banana shake, which is really good 😊
Finally, we bought some souvenirs and sweets from D’Mall before going back to our hostel.

Our Last Day.
We had our breakfast nearby our guesthouse. For just β‚±75, we got tapsilog with coffee/iced tea. Our flight is not until late afternoon, so we stroll more and had a 2 scoops of gelato for β‚±100.

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

Boracay 3 day itinerary & Budget

We left the guesthouse at 11:30 am.
2 hours travel time again from Boracay Station 2 to Kalibo airport.
Our flight was delayed again. Good thing we had netbook with movies to kill some time.


  • Water is a must. Good thing our guesthouse have a water station.
  • Bring some medicines (for seasickness)
  • Try one of their buffets 😊
  • Bring your eBooks or some movies
  • Sweets/delicacies are more cheaper in Caticlan port.


  • There will be lots of tourists (foreigners).
  • ATM are all over the place.
  • The have lots of food cuisines like korean, mongolian, italian, filipino foods.


5 thoughts on “3 Days Boracay Budget Itinerary

  1. It’s good to know that you can get bottomless iced tea. I didn’t find a place that offered bottomless tea/water when we were in Indonesia. It’s so hard because he drinks a lot. All the food looks yummy, even the pizza.

  2. I love the picture of the sunset! Looks like so much fun. That picture of the pizza looks so good too! I recently had a food allergy test and can no longer have dairy, so I live vicariously through pictures of pizza! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Reefwalking sounds like a hoot! I scuba dive, but that experience seems like one worth trying. And Starbucks? Really? πŸ˜‰ With all the fabulous local tea and coffee houses about I can’t imagine … but to each his own. Really useful info with laying out your budget too.

  4. I wouldn’t get a tattoo nor can I do paragliding since I’m afraid of heights, so that rather the first day sounds just perfect for me: the wonderful buffet and eventually the fire dance on the beach – ah, reminds me of Ko Phi Phi 😊


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